We boast spacious & air conditioned classrooms with well equipped indoor & outdoor play area as well as lab activities for each subject!
Safety First
We have doorstep transport facility for all students! Safety comes first for us when dealing with daily transportation of our pupils!
We provide our students with well researched activities to help develop their skills in Problem Solving, Reasoning, Perseverance, Precision, Modelling and Representation.
Small Class Size
The Facilitator-Child ratio is maintained at a fixed ratio between 1:10 and 1:15. This provides the best environment for the students to grow to their full potential.

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Meet our Qualified Staff

Scholars Eden is a school in which every adult who works with students has the highest expectations for the students and the belief that each and every child can and will realize his or her potential. Staff members will endeavor to make each child feel safe, secure and special by providing the most nurturing environment possible.