We believe that the child can express the best in his/her mother tongue and a strong hold of that language will keep his/her freedom of expression intact. English being the universal language is taught so that the child can integrate self easily with the Global community.


  • The Facilitator-Child ratio is 1:10.
  • Focus is on Sensory Motor Development and Social Development of a child.

Pre KG

  • The Facilitator-Child ratio is 1:10.
  • Students centered method of teaching is followed. Pre-schoolers are exposed to a variety of experiences through innovative learning methods, which in turn help develop social, emotional, lingual and physical abilities in a child.


  • The Teacher-Student ratio is 1:15.
  • Your child will become familiar with the structure and format of a day in kindergarten while developing the critical skills needed for primary school, such as
    • Following multi-step instructions.
    • Organizing work.
    • Controlling impulses.
    • Sustaining attention.
    • Finding multiple ways to solve problems.

GRADE I to Grade 5

  • The subjects are taught with hands on experience and interactive sessions.
  • This also makes learning enjoyable and brings the best out of the children.
  • The National Language, Hindi is also given importance.